Workshop on Funeral Planning at GCC

If you had died yesterday . . .

. . . what kind of casket would your survivors be choosing for you?  Is it what you’d want?  Is there something else you’d prefer? 

. . . how much would the funeral they’d be planning for you cost?  Does it need to cost that much?  Just what are your options?

Make plans now, and give your survivors the loving gift of preparedness.  Learn how funerals work, which decisions are best made ahead of time, and what your options and rights are.  Embrace life by enrolling in this new credit-free workshop:

Register below for THIS OCTOBER 2013
- a 2-session credit-free course
- taught by former FCAWM president Carol Coan

Funeral Planning for the Living  (CSW 433-2, $45)

Course description: Talking about death won’t kill you—but it can make a difficult time less stressful, it may save money, and it can help to ensure that disposition of your body is consistent with the way you’ve lived your life. Learn about conventional whole-body burial, legal requirements, consumers’ rights, typical costs, and alternative approaches. Partially completed plans welcome.

Two Thursdays: October 3 and 10, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

CSW 433-2 ($45)

Register now at:

or by phone, during normal business hours, at 413-775-1661.

Feel free also to contact Instructor Carol Coan for further information 

(413) 774-2320 or at