Note: Most of this page is devoted to crematories located within Massachusetts (and one in New Hampshire), all of which presently require that arrangements be made through a funeral home, rather than through the crematory itself

At the bottom of the page, see information on the Vermont-based Eternal Blessings Cremation Service which also serves Western Massachusetts but does not require any involvement by a funeral home.

All three Western Massachusetts crematories are within cemeteries, and all three normally require that the consumer utilize the services of a funeral home to (minimally) pick up the body, complete the necessary paperwork, and arrange for transport of the body to the crematory. 

Even though all necessary arrangements can be made through the chosen funeral home, the consumer may benefit by contacting the crematory directly (and visiting it in person) to better understand what is involved in cremation; to learn what options are available at the crematory and cemetery; and to discuss any associated charges.

When dealing with the funeral home, consumers should be sure they know whether the payment to the funeral home for arranging a cremation does or, more often - does not, include:

a. Medical Examiner Fee - presently $100 (the crematory will arrange for the medical examiner who must view the body before it can be cremated); and

b. Crematory and Cemetery Fees - cremation-related charges and any additional options chosen for storing, burying, or scattering the ashes at the cemetery. 

Note: Unless you have made other - optional - arrangements, the ashes are returned to the consumer. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health imposes "no restriction as to the disposition of ashes." The consumer is free to keep the ashes, to bury the ashes, or to scatter the ashes anywhere (subject to the usual laws prohibiting trespass on private property without permission or on public properties so posted).

The consumer should be aware that,

for cremation, Massachusetts law does NOT require:

a. Embalming 

Note: although embalming is not required by state law, a particular funeral home may require embalming if the consumer chooses to have the funeral home arrange for a viewing of the body.

The consumer is always free to contact other funeral homes to compare their policies on opportunities for viewing the body (particularly by family members) without embalming.

b. Casket (an "alternative container" often made of fiberboard and/or pressed-wood is typically used instead),

c. Urn (a simple plastic or cardboard container is often used instead of an urn, particularly if the ashes are to be scattered).

Note: a particular cemetery may require something stronger than the basic plastic or cardboard container if the consumer chooses to have the ashes buried.

The consumer is always free to contact other cemeteries to compare their policies on whether anything stronger than the basic plastic or cardboard container is required.

BEFORE VISITING A FUNERAL HOME FOR THE PURPOSE OF PLANNING A CREMATION, we strongly recommend that consumers prepare for that visit just as they would for a arranging a funeral. Please see our our information regarding the Funeral Rule and Massachusetts Consumer Facts

Disclaimer: Our listing of providers in no way represents an endorsement of any listed provider by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts. The funeral homes, crematories, and casket retail outlets are listed solely for the purpose of facilitating consumers' exploration of options and comparison shopping.

Please inform us of any omissions or errors by e mail.

List of Crematories located in Western Massachusetts

Springfield Cemetery & Crematory

171 Maple St 

Springfield, MA 01105

(413) 732-0712

Pittsfield Cemetery & Crematory 

203 Wahconah Street 

Pittsfield, MA 01201 

(413) 447-7953

Hillcrest Cemetery Mausoleum and Crematory

895 Parker St

Springfield, MA 01129

(413) 782-2311

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Crematories in Worcester, MA (may by used by some funeral homes in the eastern part of Western Massachusetts).

All Faiths Cemetery and Crematory

7 Island Road

Worcester, Massachusetts 01603

(508) 798-6644

Rural Cemetery

180 Grove Street

Worcester, Massachusetts 1605

(508) 754-1313

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Crematory in New Hampshire (may be used by some funeral homes)

Tri-State Crematory

23 Quarry Rd

Troy, NH 03465

(603) 242-3291

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The Vermont-based Eternal Blessings Cremation Service which also serves Western Massachusetts:

Note: The Eternal Blessings Cremation Service represents a merger of Vermont Blessings and the Eternal Flame Crematorium. 

One major difference between crematories in Western Massachusetts and the Eternal Blessings Cremation Service is that this Vermont service can be contacted directly by phone to make arrangements for a cremation that does not require any funeral home arrangements, services, or charges. Their services include some that otherwise would be performed by a funeral home.

Another difference is that Eternal Blessings Cremation Service also serves consumers who wish to plan ahead to care for their own dead (to have family and/or friends do some or all of those things that would otherwise be done by a funeral home). They will mail to the consumer a packet to help in planning ahead to exercise this option. We recommend also reading Guidelines for the Issuance of Burial Permits and Disposition of Human Remains - from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health . This is a must for anyone in Massachusetts who is considering caring for their own dead. It is also an excellent source of basic information about what must be done in Massachusetts from the time a death occurs through the final disposition of a body or ashes.

Be aware that sales practices, pre-planning, and pre-payment contracts of Vermont crematories may not be subject to the same consumer protection rules that Massachusetts funeral homes must follow under the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. However, the following statement has been submitted to us by James Curley of the Eternal Blessings Cremation Service: 

First,  we are subject to all the laws and rules of the State of Vermont and the Federal Trade Commission that apply to crematories.  

Second, we do not take any money from clients in advance; we recommend that clients set up a dedicated 'payable-at-death savings account if they wish to set aside funds in advance; these funds can be placed in a 'funeral trust' at the bank and be excluded from consideration (up to a certain amount) for Medicaid purposes.  The client and client families remain in control of those funds. Our feeling is the client is better off not entering into pre-paid contracts with a funeral service provider where the money goes to that provider in advance. 

And, in may cases, are irrevocable. 

Eternal Blessings Cremation Service

Gaines Farm on Route 5

6430 Coolidge Highway

Guilford, Vermont 05301

877-747-9443 (toll free for Immediate Service or a Free Advance-Planning Packet)

802-257-0969 (Office Telephone Number)