We offer educational brochures on a variety of topics. The brochures are free; however, your donation will help to offset our costs of duplication and mailing.

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Funeral planning

______   Four-Step Funeral Planning:  Where to Start When You Don't Know How to Start
_____     Common Funeral Myths
______   Consumer's Guide to Cemetery Purchases
______   How to Plan a Memorial Service
______   Did You Forget the Most Important Part of Funeral Planning?
______   Viewing and Visitation:  The Difference
______   Your Funeral Consumer Rights in Massachusetts (Funeral Ethics Organization)

Financial concerns

_____    Funeral Home Price List for Western Massachusetts (FCAWM)

______   How to Read a General Price List (GPL)

______   Como Leer la Lista General de Precios de Una Funeraria (Spanish version of How to read GPL)

______   Prepaying for Your Funeral in Massachusetts (Funeral Ethics Organization)

______   Prepaying Your Funeral: Benefits and Dangers

______    Simple and Cheap, My Father Said

______    Ten Tips for Saving Funeral Dollars



_____   The Cremation Option in Western Massachusetts (FCAWM)

______   Cremation Explained:  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

______   What Shall We Do with the Ashes (Cremains)?

______   Light, Like the Sun, by Frances Newton (an essay on cremation)


Organ and body donation

_____   Giving Life When Life Ends (reprint from FCAWM newsletter)

______   Organ and Body Donation

______   Recycle Your Medical Devices


Green burial

______     Green Burial in W. Massachusetts (FCAWM)

______     Earth Burial:  Environmentally Friendly Burial                                          



______   How to Help Grieving People

_____     The Funeral Consumer Movement:  From One Local Society to a National Voice 

______     How to File a Funeral or Cemetery Complaint

______     Death Away From Home

______     What You Should Know About Embalming                        

______     What is a Funeral Consumers Alliance? …What You Can Do to Help (FCAWM)


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