Our FCAWM Newsletter is published twice a year, usually in late spring and in the fall. Members receive it by mail or email. You may download copies of recent newsletters (pdf format) from these links:   
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See also summaries below. 

NEW   Spring 2015 Newsletter  Content Includes:

  • Public invitation to comment June 16 on revision of MA regulations governing funeral directors 
  • Profiles of two new Trustees
  • Summary of last fall's program: Choices in After-Death care
  • A wonderful letter on page 5 thanking FCAWM for solving a problem.
  • Announcement of  October 18, 2015 Annual meeting and Program,
     "Five (or more) Shades of Green. 

Fall 2014 Newsletter   Content includes:

  • Collaborating across Massachusetts, and beyond
  • Books of Interest
  • An Educational Forum: Dispelling Myths about Funeral Prepayments
  • Need an Oversized Casket?
  • How to Mail Cremated Remains
  • New report on Dying in America
  • Annual Meeting & Program announcement: October 19, 2-4pm Choices in After-Death Care
  • Green Burial Massachusetts film screening, A Will for the Woods
  • Good news from IRS

 Fall 2013 Newsletter   Content includes:

  • Annual Meeting & Program announcement:  October 20, 2-4pm, Cremation Options and Trends, a panel of four speakers.
  • Home Funeral Workshops in Leverett (Oct 26) and Warwick (Nov 9)
  • Cremation Options in Western Masssachusetts (an update of our handout)
  • What is Memrystone?
  • Have you heard of Death over Dinner?

 Spring 2013 Newsletter  Content includes:

  • Report of the 2012 Annual Meeting, election results and profile of new trustee. 
  • Next Annual Meeting: Saturday, Oct. 20, 2013
  • Webmaster position opening and other volunteer opportunities
  • Education and Outreach activities
  • Home Funeral Workshops
  • Your Digital Afterlife
  • Contributions (new IRS information)
  • Planning for 2014

 Fall 2012 Newsletter   Articles include:

  • Annual Meeting Sunday October 21, 2012 Full Information
  • features a film clip talk by author Gail Rubin -Laughing in the Face of Death: Funny Films for Funeral Planning 
  • 2012 Funeral Home Price Survey overview
  • The Devil is in the Details, or the Value of Preplanning 
  • 30 Funerals in 30 Days!

Spring 2012 Newsletter   Articles include:

  • Who Ya Gonna Call? Don’t Call 911
  • Green Burial Update
  • Top Five Regrets of the Dying 
  • Speaker for 2012 Annual Program: Sunday October 21, 2012 with Gail Rubin, author of A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die

 Fall 2011 Newsletter  Articles include:

  • What FCAWM has accomplished in the past year.
  • Funeral Planning for the Living workshop information
  • Your Digital Afterlife - a book review by Sandy Ward
  • Giving Life When Life Ends  by Miryam Ehrlich Williamson
  • and other articles related to this year's Oct. 23 Annual Meeting program on donating one's whole body, organs, tissues ... even medical devices.