Welcome!  As Webmaster for FCAWM, I've been contemplating adding a blog (web log) as a quick and easy way to share timely comments about relevant programs. 

Today I'm inspired by a delightful meeting in Cambridge with other FCA leaders and volunteers. Susie Maddern and I, board members of FCAWM, drove east to hear presentations by four board members of FCAEM, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Eastern Massachusetts. We enjoyed not only their talks (including video clips and powerpoint slides), but also the warm welcome they extended.  As we exchanged information about our respective organizations, and upcoming plans, we quickly recognized new ways we might collaborate. We compared calendars to help pinpoint a convenient date for our FCAWM Annual Meeting, which they would like to attend (next October). 

Meanwhile, before this month of March closed, I wanted to learn to use this blog software (a feature within Sandvox). This is my 1st posting. I wish to experiment with converting some of the March "News and Events" notices into reports of each event. You'll soon see how this works (or doesn't). 

Sandy Ward, FCAWM webmaster