Revising the Funeral Rule

The “Funeral Rule” protecting consumers’ rights is up for review. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeks COMMENTS now, before the deadline (which  was April 14, then extended to June 15, 2020).  YOU can help by telling the FTC your thoughts on these key questions:

Should funeral homes be required to post their General Price Lists (GPLs) online?  (In our 2018 survey of western MA funeral homes, only 4 of the 85 businesses revealed prices on their websites.)

Should these price lists be in a standardized format, to facilitate comparison shopping? 

Should the prices for Direct Cremation include ALL relevant required costs (fees charged by crematorium and the Medical Examiner)?  (Most of our local funeral homes do not reveal those “extra” charges on their price lists.) 

PLEASE help improve the Funeral Rule. Go to this offical webpage:

and click the “Submit a Comment” button on upper right.  All comments become public; you can read other comments there, if you wish.


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