NPR report

National Public Radio (NPR) aired a two-part program February 7-8 reporting on deceptive pricing in the funeral industry. NPR found that SCI, the largest funeral company in the world, routinely charges high prices, but also conceals the fact that they sometimes have – in the same town – much lower prices (under a different brand) for the same cremations and burials.

If you missed these programs, please see the transcript (or listen to the recording) online at these links:

 Part One - February 7, 2017
"You Could Pay Thousands Less For A Funeral Just By Crossing The Street"

 Part Two - February 8, 2017
 "Despite Decades-Old Law, Funeral Prices Are Still Unclear"

It is time to lobby for more transparency in pricing. The Federal Funeral Rule needs to be updated to require that funeral homes post their prices online, so consumers can learn about the options.  

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