How Green?

Five (or More) Shades of Green is the topic of our Program on Sunday October 18. Five panelists will discuss environmental aspects of final arrangements.  How "green" are the choices?  

Carol Coan – How green? Burial pod, cremation urn with seed, vertical burial, and other choices you may have seen advertised

Candace Currie (Mount Auburn Cemetery) – Hybrid cemeteries; Green Burial Council certification

Judith Lorei (Green Burial Massachusetts) – “Greening up” town cemeteries

Heather Massey (In Loving Hands) – Natural vs. conventional deathcare; Natural Deathcare Collaborative; biodegradable coffins/shrouds

Sandy Ward (FCAWM) – Sky burial? Burial at sea, resomation /water cremation, urban composting.

This event (October 18, 2-4pm at Rockridge Retirement Community, Northampton) is free and open to the public. See flyer for details. If you can't come, but are curious about the topic, please keep reading...  

While preparing for this program, we have reviewed interesting resources. Here are some good examples:

  Are cremations green?  by Mike Ma (

 [Infographic] Environmental impact of funerals  ( 

  Sky burial in Tibet - An extensive wikipedia article, including modern problems with the ancient rite, which is supposed to be "generous" to nature, allowing birds to consumer the no-longer-needed body. (But, some vultures now get sick from medicines and hospital disinfectants on bodies.)

  Urban Death Project   (

  Green Burial in Massachusetts   with extensive Resource list

[Check back later ... more links may added here]

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