Any Pre-Arrangement?

Have any arrangements for death care already been made?

  • Look for any written instructions the deceased may have left regarding death care. For instance, FCAWM members may have filled out the planning kit, "Before I Go, You Should Know," and stored it in a fire-proof box (or the freezer) or in a file somewhere.
  • The deceased may already have made arrangements for body-donation; contact the institution specified. They will provide instructions for how to proceed. See body donation.
  • The deceased may have chosen a funeral home and may even have prepaid some of the costs (it is not possible to prepay all of the costs); contact the chosen funeral home to proceed (especially if there has been prepayment).
  • The deceased may have set up a trust or bank account to pay for the costs associated with death care. 
  • A cemetery plot may already have been purchased.