Additional Tasks

  • Decide on time and place of funeral ceremony, if any, in consultation with clergy, reader, or other appropriate persons. Contact musicians, pall bearers, speakers, caterers, or others who may participate in event.   
  • List and notify immediate family, close friends, employer, and key organizations in this person's life (e.g., union, church, senior center). Notify lawyer, accountant, and executor or administrator of the estate.   
  • Decide whether memorial gifts are to replace flowers. If so, get correct name and address for recipient organization(s) and include notice in the obituary/funeral notice.   
  • Prepare newspaper notice if desired. The paper is likely to want full name, age, place of birth and death, occupation, degrees, memberships, military service, outstanding work, survivors in immediate family, time and place of services, if any. 
  • List distant persons to notify and arrange for letter or printed notice.   
  • Keep list of calls, flowers, notes; arrange for acknowledgment.   
  • Make needed household arrangements, as for child care or hospitality for visiting relatives.