About Us

The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping our neighbors make funeral or memorial arrangements that are dignified, meaningful and affordable. 

We achieve this goal through consumer education outreach, including group presentations, funeral home price surveys, our newsletter and other printed materials, and individual consultations.  

We serve primarily residents in the four counties of Western Massachusetts:  Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden and Hampshire.  

Founded in 1959 and incorporated as the Springfield Memorial Society (later known as the Memorial Society of Western Massachusetts), we changed our name in 2001 to emphasize our consumer focus.  FCA of Western Massachusetts is one of about 90 similar groups across the country, supported by our affiliation with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance, Inc. (http://www.funerals.org) whose national office is in Vermont.  This affiliation allows reciprocal arrangements for members who travel in or move to other parts of the country.

We are run solely by volunteers, and have no attachment to the funeral industry or any religious group.  Our membership is open to all.

We can provide information that you will need for advance planning and that will help you to put your beliefs into practice. We do not presume to change or interfere in any way with existing beliefs or ceremonies. 

Other than information, we provide no services. We do not, ourselves, provide funeral or memorial services, care of the body, disposition of human remains (burial, cremation or donation) or any type of insurance, trust, or other financial arrangement to cover the cost of such services. Nor do we normally negotiate on behalf of individual consumers with those who do provide such services.

We do not charge for the information we provide. We ask only for donations to help our Alliance cover its costs. A donation does entitle you to the benefits of membership (see the Join Us page).