Sortable Table Funeral Home Price Survey 2014

On November 30, 2014, we began experimenting with a new format for displaying our comparative price survey data. Our older method requires creating 9 separate pdfs, each one sorted differently. Any changes require revision, or recreation, of all these documents  -- a tedious process.  We would prefer to have a single table that you, the viewer, could sort at will.  Clicking on the top header of any column should cause the entire table to be rearranged based on the contents of that column.  

Whether you will be able to print conveniently from this version is something we will test. 

For example, here is a sortable table of the October 2014 data:

NOTE:  First draft (heading not yet formatted well; extra space in spreadsheet sorts to top).   Dec 7: 2nd draft is better, after we removed the extra spaces. 

Problems yet to be solved:  correcting spacing so column headings are more legible; figuring out how to add the explanations of the codes a-g; and how/where to add our name and date so that any prints made from this are clearly identified.  [This work stopped Dec 7, not to be resumed until mid-January or later. Please be patient.]

Update February 2015: The webmaster has worked instead on revising the pdfs of the Price Survey to incorporate some data that arrived later. The County one was finished 2/10/15, replacing the version posted 10/3/14. On 2/19/18, after another funeral home sent us a GPL, she revised the master speadsheet (in Numbers software, which provides solutions for the problems identified above). Nine sorted versions were created from this master, and each one exported into pdf format to create, again, the handy printable pdfs to be displayed online. This project is now finished, we hope -- until 2016.  Perhaps by then a simpler method of posting sortable data will be available.