Funeral Homes in western MA

Below are links to a directory of Western Massachusetts funeral homes, based on information gathered during our 2016 and 2018 surveys.

We removed the businesses that have closed in recent years, e.g., Pease & Gay in Northampton; Hobert in Holyoke; Childs in Haydenville; Ryder in South Hadley; Auge-San Soucie-Simmons Funeral Home in North Adams; and Maziarz Funeral Home in Chicopee.  Please inform us of any other changes or needed corrections. Thank you. 

Disclaimer: Our listing of providers in no way represents an endorsement by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts of any listed provider. The funeral homes are listed solely for the purpose of facilitating consumers' exploration of options and comparison shopping.

You may choose how you wish to view and/or print the list, which is a speadsheet shared via Google Drive. 

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