We do not currently have a directory of cemeteries in western Massachusetts, other than a short list of cemeteries that permit green or "natural" burial. (See Green Burial in Massachusetts.) In 2018 we are helping GBM gather information for a more complete directory of active MA cemeteries, indicating which ones offer green burial. (More volunteers welcome!)

We recommend this informative page on the national FCA website:
       Guide to Cemetery Purchases
or their informative pamphlet (which you can download): 
Consumer's Guide to Cemetery Purchases (link to pdf)

and this Federal Trade Commission webpage:
      Buying a Cemetery Site.

We have not conducted a price survey of cemeteries operating in our region. If you think this would be a worthwhile project, please let us know. New volunteers would, of course, be required for such a project. 

For historic and genealogical purposes, FindaGrave.com can be useful. They have information for "over 400,000 cemeteries in over 200 different countries." If you select "Cemetery Lookup" and choose our state and one of our counties (without typing anything in the name field), you can retrieve a very long list of local cemeteries, e.g., over 200 in Hampden county, but with no information about which ones might still sell plots.

More useful is a search for cemeteries via Funerals360.com, a new service from "I'm Sorry to Hear." You can enter a zip code or city name, and retrieve Search Results with an interactive Map locating cemeteries nearby. Try their vendor search form and select "Cemetery" as type of vendor.