Casket Options

The Federal Trade Commission’s Funeral Rule requires that funeral homes permit the consumer to purchase a casket from a separate source without imposing any additional charge for doing so.

As always, we recommend comparison shopping before making a purchase. Be sure that the retail outlet is, in fact, charging less than the funeral home would charge for a comparable item.  

Disclaimer: no endorsements are implied by inclusion on this FCAWM list. Casket retail outlets are listed solely for the purpose of facilitating consumers' exploration of options and comparison shopping. Be aware that the sales practices of casket retail sales outlets may not be subject to the same consumer protection rules that Massachusetts funeral homes must follow under the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule.

[Affordable Caskets & Urns, Palmer, MA, has CLOSED as of Dec 31, 2019.] 
Lenny Weake, the owner, (413) 386-4946, decided that he could help families more by becoming licensed to work with a funeral director. Lenny is now studying mortuary science, and working nights and weekends as a licenced Apprentice helping Funeral Director Joe Pasternak, owner of the Williamsburg Funeral Home, plus funeral homes in Easthampton and in Springfield. We thank Lenny for bringing and explaining casket options during our 2019 Annual Program. 

Berkshire Gravesite Services (413) 347-6766
100 West Housatonic Street, Suite 2, Pittsfield, MA. (By appointment only in winter; open regular hours in summer.)  “In stock caskets will be delivered within 24 hours to any funeral home in Berkshire County.”  Deliveries to other locations can be negotiated (added fee.) Customers can pick up products. Alternative containers appropriate for cremation are available.  website Owner Matthew Kudlate wrote this 9/22/2018:  

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most cost effective funeral products with as little stress as possible. We are not salesmen, we're a family who has had more than our share of funerals to plan. We never push products on people and we never try to up sell or guilt people into buying anything. If someone requests just a cardboard box that's what they get and are given the utmost respect for their decision to do so.

There are also online vendors and some discount outlets, such as Costco, that  offer caskets for sale.  See page 4 of our Fall 2014 newsletter for a testimonial about OVERSIZED caskets.

Another option is to build your own casket. See Sandy Ward’s 2017 blog entry, "Build it yourself?"  In 2019 we offered a Coffin Building Workshop. Let us know if you’d like to participate in such workshops in the future.

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