Casket Retail Outlets

The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule requires that funeral homes permit the consumer to purchase a casket from a separate source without imposing any additional charge for doing so. As always, we recommend comparison shopping before making a purchase. Be sure that the retail outlet is, in fact, charging less than the funeral home would charge for a comparable item.

Also, be aware that the sales practices and pre-planning and pre-payment contracts of casket retail sales outlets may NOT be subject to the same consumer protection rules that Massachusetts funeral homes must follow under the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule

Disclaimer: Our listing of providers in no way represents an endorsement by the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Western Massachusetts. The funeral homes, crematories, and casket retail outlets are listed solely for the purpose of facilitating consumers' exploration of options and comparison shopping.

Please inform us of any omissions or errors in the entries below.

Alternative Options, Affordable Caskets & Urns 
Showroom (by appointment) in the Three Rivers section of Palmer, MA

We are not aware, at present, of other casket dealers with showrooms in the area. A previous option, Manufacturer's Discount Casket Outlet in Agawam, no longer answers the phone, nor is their webpage available. [Removed 9/2014.] 

There are online vendors and some discount outlets, such as Costco, that do offer caskets.  See page 4 of our Fall 2014 newsletter for a testimonial about OVERSIZED caskets.