Facts and FAQs

Did you know . . . ?

• Most individuals never share their funeral or burial wishes with their family members. FCAWM members receive forms and instructions on how to communicate this information, sparing relatives from difficult, expensive decisions.

• The average cost of a conventional funeral in the U.S. is now over $6,500 — before you get to the cemetery!

FCAWM members learn how to purchase simpler services for a fraction of the cost.

• Embalming and fancy caskets are not required for cremation or burial. 

FCAWM members avoid unnecessary procedures and expenses by pre-planning.

• Your safety deposit box is a poor place to store your funeral instructions. 

FCAWM members learn who to notify before the time of death.

• When a body is not displayed, memorial services can be held almost anywhere.

FCAWM members learn about various options, including community halls, churches, synagogues and parks.

FAQ - Questions we have been asked about FCAWM:

Q: Does FCAWM have any special or discount arrangements with funeral providers for its members? 

A: No; our priority at this time is to provide pricing information from area funeral homes through our biennial survey.  

Q: Does FCAWM hold final arrangements documents that might have been filed in the past by members of the late Springfield Memorial Society (SMS)? 

A: No, we do not. It is not clear whether such files were ever maintained by SMS. (Some FCA affliates in other states used to maintain such files, but the trend has been to encourage people to keep and file their own instructions, accessible by their loved ones.)

Q: Does FCAWM require annual dues?

A: No. We only ask for an initial Membership donation. No regular dues are required. Voluntary contributions are welcome at any time, and remittance envelopes are often included in our newsletters with a reminder that we are supported by contributions from members.