Annual Meeting

Our Annual Membership Meetings are held in October, usually on a Sunday afternoon. These meetings are open to the public 
and always include an educational 

Sunday October 18, 2020, 2-4 pm

This year’s meeting will be conducted virtually (via Zoom) because of COVID-19 restrictions and health concerns. Please call or email us to indicate your interest, and we will send you the Zoom link and instructions.

We’ll begin, as usual, with a brief business meeting of this nonprofit organization, with reports from the President and Treasurer,
and an election of candidates for the Board of Trustees.

An educational PROGRAM will follow, at 2:30pm, on this theme:

 Challenges Facing Death Care Today

We’ll share what we’ve learned this year about some special challenges to providing compassionate death care, including these:

  • Pandemic restrictions
  • Unclaimed bodies* and indigent death care
  • Infant deaths and prenatal loss
  • Issues for non-traditional gender identities

We’ll welcome YOUR questions after our presentations.

* Recommended video: “Should This Funeral Director Be Forgiven?” (13-min.) Caitlin Doughty, well-known for her “Ask A Mortician” series on YouTube, visited funeral director Peter Stefan at his funeral home in Worcester in February 2020 and interviewed him about the difficulties he has encountered with indigent burials. She uses his case to highlight what is really a nation-wide problem, a puzzle that needs solving.

Note: We had intended to show this video within our program, but learned that sharing a video within Zoom risks problems of synchronization and choppy delivery -- frustating for viewers. The video is freely available online, so YOU can watch it anytime, without those problems. See it now on the "Ask A Mortician” site (which has some ads) or see it ad-free on Caitlin's Order of the Good Death website.

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Last year’s program, held in October 2019 in Palmer, MA,
a special “show and tell” event: 
"Caskets and Coffins and Shrouds, Oh My!"
See PHOTOS and a summary of that program.

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See our Annual Meetings Archive for program topics and photos of past years.