2019 Annual Meeting

Sunday October 20, 2019, 2-4 pm

Palmer Historical and Cultural Center
2072 Main Street, Three Rivers, Massachusetts

Caskets and Coffins and Shrouds, Oh My!
with Carol’s “Five-Fold Path to Funeral Contentment” to ease your fears.

A special “Show and Tell” event! 

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Carol Coan introduced the program by reciting the Five-Fold Path she teaches in funeral planning workshops:

  1. Know that you have options
  2. Learn about those options
  3. Write down your choices
  4. Tell people what you want
  5. Estimate costs and set money aside.

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Lenny Weake brought caskets and showed us the interiors and how they work; a “Caskets 101” presentation. He used a classic hearse to transport them from his local business, Affordable Caskets and Urns. He also works for the Quaboag Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Ruth Faas of Mourning Dove Studio showed cardboard caskets that can be decorated creatively by loved ones, and spoke about how she became interested in providing such options for families.    [Scroll down for more photos.]

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Dina Stander, Last Dance Shrouds, spoke about the long history and practice of shrouding. She discussed Do-It-Yourself options and showed how shrouding works in real life. 

She passed around doll-sized small models allowing audience members  to experience wrapping and tying various types of shrouds. 

Light refreshments were provided by long-term members Eileen and David Pratt.

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A short business meeting preceded the program. Jim Couchon was elected to a 3-year term on the FCAWM Board of Trustees. Trustee Cecile Richard was elected President. Jim will serve as Vice-President. Treasurer Joan Pillsbury and Secretary Kate Mason were re-elected for the coming year. 

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Dina Strader showed a canvas carrier she made with handles,
helpful for carrying a shrouded body. A shroud can be made from a tablecloth, as shown at right.

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After the program, 6 volunteers carried the steel casket to Lenny’s hearse.

Patti Muldoon, President of FCA of Eastern Mass (center)
Sandy Ward, outgoing President of FCAWM (right)
Cecile Richard, incoming President of FCAWM (behind Patti)

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A cardboard casket can be stored folded, and is much lighter to carry.